My name is Maddie. I like many things and I'm almost always happy. You should be too. :)


//tbh, i fantasise about the idea of being with connor my whole life but he idea also terrifies me because what if one day we’re married with kids and a house and our whole lives have been spent together and then he decides he doesn’t want me anymore? what would i do then, without my first everything by my side anymore?//


guy: psstt! look at me while you suck. i wanna see those eyes
girl: *looks up*
guy: image


when your friend makes an offensive joke but you don’t want to start anything with them



im hungry and i need to pee and my hair needs a wash and i gotta shave my legs

nah i’ll just sit on my laptop for three more hours


sometimes i’m drinking something and i can feel it spilling on me but i just keep drinking because i don’t care about anything anymore